Friday, November 5, 2010

Emails from Thad Komorowski and his impressions of the Hardaway drawing

I showed the drawing some years ago to Thad Komorowski who is a long time animation enthusiast. He's maintained several different blogs concerning identifying animators and their work, and he's moderated a couple of the forums that purport to discuss animation history. I'm posting these because Thad's attitude changed completely after presenting the drawing to his secret cartoon club called Apatoons. He offered lengthy descriptions of the quality and professionalism of the drawing as well as his understanding of the plight of Hardaway initially, then some months later, he bad mouthed me on a forum as "the crazy guy with the fake drawing". His mysterious about face is similar to the turn around in the attitude of Jerry Beck. After exchanging a few emails and phone calls Jerry Beck told me he'd be willing to research the subject of Hardaway's drawing at a cost of 100 dollars a day, he said it would take about 3 days. Then, some months later, he dismissed the subject as idiotic and deleted the discussion thread from the forum citing "legal reasons".. Jerry Beck also eliminated Hardaway from his book Art of Warner Brothers", but left him in the index.  The Warner Brothers artist Kirk Mueller also immediately recognized the drawing as Hardaway's and promised to contact others and respond to me. He also did an about face and would not respond .

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letter from Ted Cauger son of A.V. Cauger

Here's a letter from Ted Cauger, son of Arthur Verne Cauger, to Harry Truman.

Here's an article from BoxOffice magazine describing a tribute dinner for A.V. Cauger.