Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More emails from Thad Komorowski regarding the creation of Bugs Bunny

I just got another email from Thad Komorowski.
Months ago after offering several insightful comments on the Hardaway drawing Thad showed it to his super secret cartoon club called Apatoons which includes the likes of Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck. After this meeting his attitude completely changed. When I asked why, he replied, "I changed my mind".  He offered no reasoning to contradict what he'd said previously. His initial observations were insightful, and detailed, they make sense. Read them for yourself. Most of them are posted on this blog. I'd be happy to forward any of them.
It seems to me that the people interested in animation history who've have collected a paycheck from Warner Brothers don't want the truth to be told about Hardaway's contribution. For example, (as previously mentioned on this blog) Jerry Beck deleted Hardaway from his book (Art of Warner Bros) but not from the index because of "heavy last minute editing". Jerry Beck also deleted the thread on the "Animation Show" forum discussing the creation of Bugs Bunny because, "legal reasons prevent discussion". Theses and other examples of the attempts to erase Hardaway's contributions are already posted on this blog.

As mentioned, I just received a new email from Thad Komorowski. He must have come across the posted emails. He writes," Clearly, my opinion changed after private altercations from others, which are no business of yours.

It's clear to me that his opinion changed not because of any new information or history but because of some "private altercation". Maybe someday Thad will find the courage to tell the truth.
I remain of the opinion that first person accounts of the events surrounding the creation of the character are much more reliable and trustworthy than the revisionist version of events offered by animation enthusiasts such as Jerry Beck. Who are you going to believe, Mel Blanc and Virgil Ross, or Jerry Beck and Steve Schnieder?