Friday, February 1, 2008

Only one question from Milton Gray

A while back, a member of Apatoons offered to show the Hardaway drawing to some of the members. Some time later I received a forwarded copy of a comment received. The question, as presented to me, was from Milton Gray, a well respected and knowledgeable animation historian, a pioneer of the study of cartoon history.

From Milt Gray:"I have only one question regarding your [friend's]speculations over the origin of the "Speedy" rabbit drawing: If this is the way that Ben Hardaway was inclined to draw rabbits, then why didn't "the rabbit" look more that way in "Porky's Hare Hunt"?

I was a little suprised that there was only one question and even more suprised at the question. I had read an interview published in the magazine Funnyworld vol 12 from 1970. In the interview, Bob Clampett describes, in great detail, how he spent a weekend drawing the prototype rabbit for "his story" which was "Porky's Hare Hunt".

The interview lasted for five hours and took place in Clampett's office in Hollywood in June of 1969. Clampett was joined by his wife, Sody. The interview was conducted and recorded by Mike Barrier and Milton Gray. The interview is posted at

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